Arohiirihaukkoja Georgiasta Some interesting plumages of Long-legged Buzzards from Georgia


Photo 1. Arohiirihaukka 2kv Georgia heinäkuu 2013. Long-legged Buzzard July 2013 Georgia.

Moulting individual with pale iris. Note old juvenile feathers (shape more pointed), which have quite worn but obvious subterminal markings. Newer ones are quite darkish and also note very barred fresh inner primaries. Probably this is very interesting individual something between dark morph and dark rufous morph. Structurally this is Long-legged and also has plain underwing coverts, darker carpal areas and long gapeline. Iris is very pale and darkens until 2cy autumn, but 3cy:s still having paler iris than in adults.

Photo: J.Pirhonen


Photo 2. Same individual as above. Note strongly barred tail, veru strongly barred older secondaries. Central tail feathers also moulted and still barred indicating dark rufous-dark morph type.


Photo 3. Same 2cy Long-legged Buzzard as above.


Photo 4. Note difference between older juvenile-type flight feathers and fresher ones. Latter have more prominent blackish tip indicating adult-type feather.


Photo 5. Another individual +2cy adult type Long-legged Buzzard dark rufous morph. Typical tail for Long-legged and plain underwing coverts. This kind of tail is really typical for Long-legged. Also long wings indicates Long-legged.


Photo 6. Fresh juvenile Long-legged Buzzard Buteo rufinus. Typical plain rufous underwing coverts and contrasting dark carpal patches.


Photo 7.